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[agroup first=”0″ connect=”337″] [accordion title=”A. How do I build up a coaching session? Is there a certain order to follow in a coaching session?” connect=”337″] We recommend you to follow these five steps – the order can differ from case to case: 1) Defining the content 2) Define the goal 3) Learning Biography 4) Resources (brainstorm) 5) Concrete resources and action plan 6) For more information on resources see the Language Coaching Toolbox [/accordion] [/agroup]

[agroup first=”0″ connect=”814″] [accordion title=”B. What is the difference between coaching and counselling?” connect=”814″] In coaching, the student is the expert and the coach helps the student to reflect and find the best way to learn.

In counselling, the counsellor is the expert and uses his knowledge to help the student to find her own way. Language Learning Coaching might be a combination of both methods, accepting the student to be the expert, but using the language coach´s knowledge about language learning strategies. [/accordion] [/agroup]

[agroup first=”0″ connect=”562″] [accordion title=”C. What types of questions will initiate reflection?” connect=”562″] Ask open questions and be curious. Avoid rhetorical questions and yes/no question and try to ask questions that support the student´s self-reflection process.

For more informations see Question Types for Language coaching[/accordion] [/agroup]

[agroup first=”0″ connect=”795″] [accordion title=”D. How do you define a good goal for language learning?” connect=”795″] It depends on your student and his or her needs and resources. A good test is to check if your student´s goals are SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound. [/accordion] [/agroup]

[agroup first=”0″ connect=”38″] [accordion title=”E. How do you measure the students’ progression?” connect=”38″] It depends on your student´s goal and action plan. Try to implement how to measure progression or success in your student´s action plan. Try to measure as concrete as possible, but be aware that some goals can be more personal like; “To feel more safe when writing e-mails in English”. In this case – to feel more comfortable can be a measurable goal. [/accordion] [/agroup]

[agroup first=”0″ connect=”590″] [accordion title=”F. What is an appropriate duration for a coaching session?” connect=”590″] We recommend you to use 60 minutes for the first and the last session and between 30 and 45 minutes for a follow up-session.

Some coaches recommend to use 90 minutes for the start session to have enough time for Learning Biography and exploring the resources. [/accordion] [/agroup]

[agroup first=”0″ connect=”138″] [accordion title=”G. How many coaching sessions would you recommend?” connect=”138″] It depends on your student’s goals, needs, and the resources you and your students want to use. A minimum would be a start session and if more is needed, then one or two follow-ups with the last sessions as the final session. [/accordion] [/agroup]

[agroup first=”0″ connect=”240″] [accordion title=”H. Should the student prepare anything before the first session?” connect=”240″] We recommend sending some information about language coaching to your student about a week before the first session.

Ask your student to think (and write notes) about motivating learning experiences and to think about why they want to improve their language skills. [/accordion] [/agroup]

[agroup first=”0″ connect=”963″] [accordion title=”I. What are the advantages of a group coaching session?” connect=”963″] One advantage is that the coachees share their experiences and exchange ideas with fellow students at the same language acquisition level. Another is that you use your time as a coach more efficiently. For more information, see this How Group Coaching Works [/accordion] [/agroup]

[agroup first=”0″ connect=”83″] [accordion title=”J. Who can benefit from language learning coaching?” connect=”83″] Students who would like to improve his/her language learning and who is motivated to take care of his/her own learning process. [/accordion] [/agroup]

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