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Here you will find links to videos and audio files that can help improve many aspects of your English skills.


Study for Cambridge Language Certificates

Listen and hear

Current Affairs

Graphic image or photo for linkLINKSACTUAL LINK NATO Newsroom European Union (EU) Newsroom Video-based quizzes for advanced English learners Learning English Radio - slower paced - limited vocabulary Podcast and streaming content on a variety of interesting topics Ted Talks on Environmental issues Green-oriented podcasts
The tonight show starring Jimmy Fallon
David Letterman Late Show
Vox-events in the headlines explained

Business English

Graphic image or photo for linkLINKSACTUAL LINK Trip & Tyler - funny business videos How to make small talk Culture and small talk Business English small talk tips and examples Small talk during greetings and introductions
AV 5 overused Business Idioms
some important internet terminology
Some less common Acronyms
Job Interview Techniques - Tips & Advice
Small talk methodology and topics for business
How to ask questions politely

Radio Stations

ImageLINKSActual LinkDescription
BBC RADIO BBC Radio is [a] . . . service of the British Broadcasting Corporation.
CRI Radio, Peoples Republic of China CRI is China's only state-level radio and television media organization specializing in international communications.
NPR (USA)") National Public Radio (usually shortened to NPR, stylized as npr) is an American privately and publicly funded non-profit membership media organization

Television Stations

CNN CNN Cable News Network (USA)
BBC BBC British Broadcasting Corporation
Al Jazeera AL JAZEERA Doha-based State Broadcaster

Podcasts for iOS

Podcasts for Android OS

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